Children Running to Help Children

Today a group of children ran a mile on a green hill overlooking Oxford’s “dreaming spires”.  They were raising money from family and friends to help children thousands of miles away to stay in school.  The run was the idea of seven year old Emily who organised her friends in a sponsored run to support scholarships for the the children of widows living in Nalerigu in the far north of Ghana.

The scholarship scheme was requested by the widows to help them pay the costs of high school for their children, who otherwise would leave school and head for the big cities of Ghana.  Once away from home, vulnerable and alone, the youngsters often find themselves in very difficult situations.  The mothers’ plea was for help to prevent this and the Dorcas Foundation in Ghana will manage the scholarship scheme with financial help from its partner, Dorcas International here in Oxford.

The run was a huge success – all the children finished the course, helped and encouraged by parents and grandparents.  At the end they heard more about the work of Dorcas and the widows and children of northern Ghana and received T-shirts and medals, as well as a Thank-you certificate.  They were tired but as they headed home to start collecting up their sponsor money for the scholarships, they had the satisfaction of knowing that they are helping other kids to stay in school.

Here’s Emily leading some of her friends in the run and below this is a team shot – children helping children stay in school.


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